The Girlfriend Experience

At Montreal Confidential, our companions can offer you a true Girlfriend Experience, and if you haven’t heard of this before then you’re really missing out on something exceptionally great. Also commonly referred to as the GFE, this type of escort service is widely becoming the top choice for many clients, simply because its the closest you can get to having the experience of being on a real date with a legitimate girlfriend. Long is gone, the old fashion encounter with an escort, today people not only seek physical pleasure and satisfaction, but also strive to get that extra level of emotional intimacy that they sometimes can’t even get with their very own partner.


Its also a great ego boost when you’re out on the town, or at a private party where you want to impress your friends by showing up with a drop dead gorgeous bombshell who’s falling all over you. A talented GFE escort is great at hiding her true identity and will have your friends envious of your perceived “Player” skills. Have you ever been hanging out with your buddies at the club. Maybe you splurged and got VIP booth with bottle service, thinking it would be guaranteed to draw the ladies over to your table so you could pick-up. Well how often does that plan backfire and you just end up spending the night drinking yourself silly and watching other guys steal all the women. And oh how frustrated you are, when you see the group of oddball doofuses at the table next to you with a small harem of ladies that are fawning all over them. You think they must be super wealthy or much more successful than you because it doesn’t make sense those women would chose them over partying with you. Well more often than not, you’d be surprised how many of those party girls are actually on the job.


But if the party scene is not your thing, a GFE can be had simply as a one on one. Some clients just like a good companion to go out for dinner or to the movies. There are many options because the escort provides you with a sort of a simulated romantic relationship as opposed to just companionship. This may include things like sensual kissing, extended foreplay, and if you play your cards right, even passionate love-making. The overall experience has been reported to make you feel like you are with your high school sweetheart.


So just picture your perfect girlfriend – a loving, caring, gorgeous, smart and witty woman who is also very classy and has immaculate style. And of course, she is quite knowledgeable in the bedroom! The GFE offers you the affection and responsiveness that you desire. Our escorts want you to feel a REAL connection with them and strive hard to make you happy.