Internationally, Men say Montreal Girls are the hottest

A friend of mine once told me in my single days that the best women come from Montreal. In disbelief, I decided to research and write about this myself. Having found concentration of attractive women in many geographical locations on our globe, I wanted to put this belief of many to the test and share my finding for all to consider.


I packed my bags and headed to the little Paris of Canada in order to complete  my research. Upon landing, and traveling to my hotel, I noticed many attractive ladies everywhere. Being the best women in the world, cannot only be attributed to physical attraction, so I knew I had to dig deeper in order to either prove, or disprove this theory.  I knew I had to do some real research, party, socialize and talk to people before coming to a conclusion. I got myself spruced up, and hit the town.


After a night of intense socializing and partying I have come to the following list of why this theory is perhaps correct. I won’t go into details of the events that brought me to this conclusion, as the night of debauchery is better suited for another article, and want to focus on the findings at hand.


  1. Variety

Montreal women come in every shape, size and ethnicity. Montreal is a melting pot of diverseness. For a single man, this presents one with a large variety to choose from. Whether the preference is for the larger, more voluptuous figure, shorter, taller, skinnier or curvy, Montreal has something to offer all those that are seeking.  Variety does not only refer to body style, but also personality. Do you want an energetic date? Montreal has it! Do you prefer an independent sophisticated sort? Montreal has it! Do you prefer a spunky, playful partner? Montreal has it all!


  1. Sophistication

Some Montreal women are extremely sophisticated workaholics with little time  for socializing. This means that they do not beat around the bush. They are no- nonsense, straight to the point and thus plays hard when they can. This type of lady is hard to attract, but if one does, there is no doubt in my mind that it would be a night to remember.


  1. Fun Loving Nature.

Many of the ladies residing in Montreal  are some of the those with the most fun loving nature to be found globally. They are hardcore party goers, leaving for the party late, and arriving from the party in the early morning hours, or if you got lucky, leaving your room in the early morning  hours. An easier catch then the sophisticated sort, but not one of any less quality and substance.


  1. Laid Back

When in Montreal, the first thing a single man will notice is the easy going nature of the ladies there, and their laid back approach to life. Speaking with them is easy, and getting to the next stage of the dating conundrum a pleasure compared to other large cities that you may frequent.


  1. Cool and Modern

The ladies of Montreal have their act together. They are all cool, collected and appreciate not only the finer things in life, but life itself. Trendy yet approachable.

I have to commend my friend for his comment. Montreal girls are the hottest in the world. Not only for their looks, but for their personalities and nature. And to think, without that comment, I would not have had the pleasure to explore the Montreal nightlife, and confirm his theory.