Montreal Nightlife – A Stellar Night Out in this Amazing City

Montreal, the second largest city in Canada in size, is also the largest city in Canada when it comes to heading out in the evenings. Montreal Nightlife simply Rocks! Another city that doesn’t sleep, there is always something to do and always entertainment to enjoy. From bars to night clubs, Montreal has it all. Bright lights, how sweaty bodies, loud music, and friendly hosts, this is one city that cannot be forgotten when considering a fun night out.


No matter what your scene, Montreal has a location available that will satisfy your urges. One location to explore is rue St. Laurent. Filled with a diverse spectrum of nightclubs and bars, one would have to spend tens of years visiting them one by one in order to patron them all. Although most entertainment establishments across Montreal close at 3:00am, during the summer, many on St. Rue and St. Dennis will play it by ear and stay open to entertain their guests. It is quite common to see intoxicated patrons leaving their frequented places of debauchery around 10:00am.


The summer is also festival season. During festival season, locals and guests alike gather together and enjoy acts performing at well know gatherings such as  Francofolies, Jazz Fest in July, coinciding with the Fringe Festival , followed by the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. Many more do follow and listing them all would dominate this article.


After a night out indulging your hedonistic desires, one does build up quite the appetite. When this hunger occurs, the best place to visit would be the local Chinatown. Chinatown in Montreal is packed end to end with authentic cuisine, with some less established restaurants open alongside their nightclub counterparts in order to feed their hungering guests.


So what if regular dancing and pub crawling isn’t enough for you? What if a little more action is desired, perhaps with some nudity involved? Well, fear not! Montreal is known for its outstanding strip clubs, filled with gorgeous local and exotic ladies, waiting to entertain gentlemen into the wee hours of the morning. One thing some people are not used to is the entrance cover, usually around $5.00 per guest. Although one is expected to tip the dancers accordingly,  dancers in this city are taken care of, and the establishment does have expenses it needs covered. Don’t worry, the $5.00 is more than worth the experience. Since contact dancing became legal in Montreal in 2015, a wide selection of strip clubs have sprung up around town. Typically, dancers a private, contact dance for $10.00 a song. Remember to tip the doorman as it can only work in your favor. It is customary to order a drink regardless if you are going to pay for a dance or not. Likewise, do not forget to tip the waitress. In these type of fine establishments, taking care of the staff monetarily is a must, and can only help facilitate personal requests. Do not grope unsolicited regardless of the amount of alcohol you have consumed. These establishments are protective of their staff, and although increased alcohol consumption can aide reduce the pain of a bouncer, it is almost always guaranteed to be felt the very next morning.  Oh, and gentlemen, no matter how attractive the prosper is, dating a stripper can be an unsatisfying endeavor, as the thought of her grinding her way at work, can only work on ones nerves in a negative fashion.